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La strade del prosecco

Duration: 3 hours
Transport: by bus
Suggested time: all-year
Terrain: north of the Province of Treviso, hilly territory


The Prosecco Wine Route is the first of its kind created in Italy. It stretches for 47 km in the province of Treviso, between the hills of Conegliano,del Feletto, del Quartier del Piave e di Valdobbiadene, not far from the Venetian Alps, through the villages of Costa, Rua, San Pietro di Feletto, Refrontolo, Pieve di Soligo, Solighetto, Farra, Col San Martino, Guia, Santo Stefano and San Pietro di Barbozza.

The road has been called a poetic walk through hills covered with vineyards and villages that house old inns and taverns surrounded by landscapes of extraordinary beauty as well as the abbeys of San Pietro di Feletto, Follina Abbey, Molinetto della Croda and, of course, the historic center of Conegliano birthplace of the artist Giambattista Cima, who was a genius of the Italian Renaissance.


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